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Are you a current or future Black or Brown doula in St. Louis, seeking mentorship, continued education, professional development and authentic support?

If so, then join the St. Louis Doulas of Color Collective! Founded in January 2018 as an initiative under Jamaa Birth Village, the STLDOCC consists of dynamic, bold and creative Black and Brown doulas across the St. Louis metro area, who seek to expand their personal wellness habits to better thrive as doulas, grow their doula practices through an advanced network of birth worker professionals & educational opportunities, and dive deeper into their passions and purpose through peer support & mentorship.

Our Mission

The STLDOCC is committed to self and collective care for doula sustainability, sacred spaces to unlearn colonization of birth work while learning culturally competent ways to serve our community, while collaborating with doulas across the region to make sure that everyone who wants a doula, has a doula.

Our goals are to thoroughly support BIPOC doulas, enhance Black birth experiences and outcomes in the St. Louis region, to completely dismantle birth disparities and preventative cases of Black maternal morbidity and mortality.

Why Join STL Doulas of Color Collective:

Curious about what's included in the STLDOCC membership and what the costs are? Check out the benefits below and if you’d like to join, visit our registration page here.

*Annual membership fees typically ranges from $50-$100 a year. Through the STL 360 Doula Initiative, membership fees are waived for the first 150 STLDOCC Members through 2023.

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